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Overgas Info Campaign

Project Description:

Together with our partners from Native Kids, who created the main concept, the TV scenarios and the key visuals, we launched a new info campaign for Overgas. It aims to present the countless benefits of using natural gas for domestic purposes.

The campaign is split into three subtopics that present the benefits for the environment, the home comfort and efficiency when choosing natural gas. In a series of three 30 seconds video spots, a colorful presenter – the “fastest-talking champion,” explains various aspects when using the service. The “Many Benefits, One Solution” slogan brings every aspect to different media formats and directs them to different target audiences, deploying various communication channels – TV and non-standard video formats, radio, dedicated landing page, online advertising, Facebook activities, outdoor advertising and branding of the public transport, and …

… and more, and more, because the benefits are of great number, while the decision could be only one. See more:

Video: “Природен газ за чисти сметки”
Video: “Природен газ за по-чиста природа”
Video: “Природен газ за повече топлина в дома”

Production company: filmmaker
Director: Yasen Grigorov

Project Details