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MyTotal.TV website

Project Description:

Web design, development and online campaign for MyTotal.TV. MyTotal.TV website promotes a cross platform application for TV on demand. Preregistered users in the website received a special newsletter for the application launch on 5th of June 2014. The website also has a channels page with integrated web services from an external system with channel previews and one week schedule for each channel. The project also included a creation of social network between app users for personalization of the content in the application and sharing channels between each other.

The website uses external Microsoft database connection, xml parser for channels and custom built CMS for updating channels list and schedule.

After the start of the website a mass campaign was launched. The first phase of the campaign was directed to gather preregistrations and we managed to complete more than 3000 preregistrations for less than one week. The second phase of the campaign was directed to app downloads and for its 1st week it already managed to reach more then 50 000 downloads. The application is available for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone.

Project Details

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  • ClientMyTotal.TV
  • Technologye-marketing, HTML 5, CSS, PHP, Java Script, Web design
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