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Web intelligence

Methodia Web Intelligence is a platform, visualising both conventional and online conversation into precise metrics and bright insights that allows clients to make
data-driven decisions about their brands, products and campaigns in real time.

+ Corporate communications and marketing teams+ PR professionals

+ Advertisers

+ Social media professionals

+ Identify where and when the conversation happens

+ Identify what do your customers think about your brand, product or services

+ Identification and overview of key industry trends

+ Identify potential crisis and a real-time crisis response

+ Improve customer service and experience

+ Create data-driven campaigns and develop better communication strategies

+ Quantify the effectiveness of a marketing campaign

+ Monitor and measure consumer reactions to product launches using insights from online conversations

+ Opportunity to identify influencers of consumer opinion

+ Monthly repоrts

+ Quarterly reports

+ Brand positioning report

+ Crisis reports

+ Customized reports – specifically designed reports to meet clients’ needs

+ Competitive Analysis (benchmark brand’s performance against the competition)

+ Industry reports

+ Campaign/Even effectiveness

+ Product launch

+ Public person media image

+ A real-time, around-the-clock feed of news articles and social media posts

+ Precise charts and graphs including volume of conversation, breakdown by media channel, top sources, coverage trends and peaks of coverage

+ Set up automatic email newsletters

+ Reputation measurement and management

+ Media Analytics & reporting

+ Consulting services

+ Influencer identification

+ Methodia Web Intelligence dashboard

+ Traditional & Social Media Listening

+ Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

+ Time period & Media Channels

+ Sentiment Analysis

+ Influencer Analysis

+ Key coverage drivers identification

+ Identifying business opportunities and risks

+ Print media

+ Online news sources

+ Blogs

+ Public Facebook pages/groups

+ Google+

+ Twitter

+ Forum discussions

+ Video channels: YouTube, Vbox7

+ The aggregator constantly monitors thousands of Bulgarian news sources for the latest articles

+ A 12-year-old archive of major online and print news sources

+ Real-time delivery

+ Over 25 000 articles daily from over 950 online news sources

+ An extensive list of sources, including largest national and local publications, press wires, industry and trade press, niche publications, sports and lifestyle content, and many more

+ New sources can be added on demand

+ Real-time indexing of social media content

+ Covers a wide range of user generated content, including blogs, forum comments, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, video channels (Youtube, Vbox7)

+ Monitoring of over 300 blogs