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“Spa weekend with BBB” promotional website

Project Description:

Design and development of a promotional website for the campaign “Spa weekend with BBB”, organized by Gorna Bania’s brand BBB. Entrants need to purchase at least 3 BBB fruit juices and register the cash receipt on the website to participate in the contest. Additionally they are asked to provide contact information (full name and current e-mail address). People will receive great prizes including 20 baskets full of BBB juices and the grand prize – a spa weekend for two.

The game is promoted by creating a custom tab on BBB’s Facebook fan page. In order to drive brand awareness and to boost customer engagement the campaign is supported by Facebook social ads and radio advertising spots on national radio stations.

Project Details

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  • ClientBBB
  • TechnologyCSS, PHP, Java Script, HTML, Web design
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    BBB game promotion website
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