NDK, Administrative building, 9th Floor, 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria   

NRA website

Project Description:

NIKI Rotor Aviation was established in 2010 in Pravets. The company is known as a manufacturer of the first two-seater gyrocopter in Bulgaria.

We redesigned their existing site – restructured the information so that it is easier to find and synthesized it in the most optimal way possible. The design is innovative and minimalistic with a focus on the product, using photos from a professional photoshoot with high resolution. We complied with all UX practices and followed the SEO rules for redirects and page indexing.

In parallel, we created a landing page for a lead-generation campaign for their gyrocopter model. Targeting was very niche and narrow due to the limited budget, location (USA) and specificity of the product. Along with the Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, we also sent a newsletter with the product offer to their existing database. In 1 month, the campaign generated more inquiries than expected, which continued to accumulate organically after the end of the digital campaign. The final result of sales compared to the budget spent is 8,000% ROAS (return on ad spend).

Project Details